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Promoting forum activity.. How should we do it?

Discussion in 'Lets Flip General' started by Ryan, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. As many of you can see, the site has slowly lost its regular posts down to a few posts a day..

    So.. While we are doing all the dev work for the OSRS GE tool, I thought I would bring up the topic of the forums too!

    The big question:

    What would make you post more on the forums? What would encourage discussion rather then spam?
  2. I was in school for SEO I would say to start there. I have a huge following on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. It is not hard at all to build a relationship with an audience, but there is how you are going to get your activity up.

    Ig followers - 10K
    Twitter Folkowers - 4K
    Yt Sub - 24K

    If you need any shoutouts, let me know. But make sure you give your members something to look forward to, something fun or they will come and go. You as a staff must make the forums active again as well. My site sees about 102K unique visits a month, Its all about what you give your members and building a relationship. Anymore info, just PM me, I will gladly give you an Email or Skype we can speak at and go over some marketing and promoting techniques both free and paid to reach a different variety of retention.
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  3. Thanks admins for all the messages. Nice reminder to everyone to change their messaging preferences.
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  4. Ibluekush has the right idea I think.
  5. I have a long post to put in for ideas, but it won't let me.
  6. I'll be honest, I don't play any form of Runescape currently as it bores me to death.

    However as Ibluekush says: work all the social media outlets, FB,insta,twitter,youtube and even do some streaming on twitch.

    Do short vids/posts about short/sharp $$ making methods and even content about possible/upcoming $$ to be made.

    Keeping active on social media ( a new vid and post on each a week min,) will bring people in.

    Maybe even do prizes / rewards for people who send in weird/wacky $$ methods or top tips for the week?.
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  7. I think a big part of not using the forums is simply the fact that I do not visit the website very often. I've found that the ge tool is quite inaccurate and has lost me considerable amounts of money at times due to giving poor estimates of item prices. As a result my use of the website as a whole has decreased significantly. I don't really have a reason to visit the forums because I don't use the tool, instead I would rather consult other resources for money making.
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  8. All in all I think looking at what the website does and comparing it to competitors is the best way to improve, even inovating to make something new the runescape community wants would help. After all that you need exposure! I was asking people in my clan if they knew what lets flip was and they had no clue, if big merchers don't know what it is how will the general community?
  9. I find I don't post on the forums because I'm not actively using this site as the tool isn't accurate and the alch and others things don't have anything on them
  10. make the forum easier to browse, for example a forum easy to browse would be Hackforums etc
  11. The reason that I've no acitvity at the forums, is because I'm not even on the site anymore. Imo it's to related to osbuddy, try to expand the options like te alching prices, cleaning herbs etc. Something that makes you different than other sites. As soon as there more people using those thing the community will be better as well. And keep it up to date! I've seen the ideas of the moneymaking ideas etc, try to dev that. Imo lets flip would make a big progress with that.
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  12. Start streaming again, I have not seen you on Twitch for ages.
  13. To promote the forums yes you want to be looking towards social media, but to keep members active after they arrive you want the forums to be a good experience. You want there to be lots going on, plenty to do. At the moment you get to lets flip, you respond or comment on a couple of threads and that's kind of it, to make it more active you want potential for more activity and this can only come from more activities to take part in.

    What these "activities" could be I don't know, but instead of just drawing people to the site you want to be focusing on what we can do to keep them.. entertained? Keep everyone actively checking the forums.

    I'm no expert so I don't mean to come across like I think I know loads about this, I don't. But it seems like the focus is on how to get people to the website, not on how we can get them to stay.
  14. I would encourage you to put dates on when u guys or when people play on Osrs so people will get along and post more and play more. I also think that you guys should post more about some moneymaking guides for people.
  15. This may sound selfish of me but I personally don't think it would be a good thing for the flippers here if more people actually knew about this site. The more people flip, the less the margins on initially good items. For instance, I used to make a shit ton of money on certain items but recently noticed the margins decreasing on ALL of them (i have numerous items i alternate amongst, and try out new things every now and then). But yeah... I do understand the desire for the site to grow. Just that my inner selfishness is rearing its ugly head. Haha.
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  16. well I've never really been that active on the forum anyway, but I personally agree with a lot of people here that we could use somewhat more streams that advertise.

    Also I think we could perhaps make a post on the forum of RS and make 'lets flip' an actual clan, not just for flipping but also for bosses and other stuff. With this we could also do some more events, these we could promote on the RS forum / lets-flip.

    My own idea, although i kinda hate it, is to start working together with gold sites, give the most populair websites a spot between the commercials, in return they advertise us to their buyers as a website were they can get some good ideas for extra cash.
  17. Sure, we can promote the site in general just by sneaking it in adf. ly you could do that.
  18. I think everyone should try to Promote Lets-Flip through Social Medias cause it's EASY to do.

    I have an Youtube channel which I just started promoting Lets-flip on.
    I am trying to promote it through Twitter to but with small progress on there :/

    If you can you should do that. Otherwise we could try to make friends in game and then refer them on here.
    Those friends you refer to here might stay and you guys might also end up playing like 24/7 :p

    Everyone should do what they can :)

    Streamers can simply put the url to here somewhere in the stream!
  19. I've only just joined the site - what's the OSRS GE tool you're making?

    What about if you organise in-game merchanting events where everyone can get together and share items?
  20. I'm not currently playing RS, but i plan to come back to it in the near future. What I would recommend would be to add some sort of discussion thread for people who are interested in the dynamics of flipping like what items would be good to try next? In stead of having all of the data spoonfed to people. Just a though though.

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