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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cheech, Aug 30, 2015.

  1. So who here is experienced in programming at all?
    I'm currently in a course and we're up to programming languages and just so that we're learning JavaScript and Java languages, any quick tips and such would be appreciated!

    I'd like to practice so if anyone's experienced in this just give me some suggestions cause I really don't know what's intermediate level programming.
  2. http://www.codewars.com/
    You should definitely check out this programming training site. First you need to pass a fairly easy requirement test in your selected programming language to sign up your user. After that you go and start clearing challenges called katas to rank up. A kata usually contains a short piece of code that you are going build up by the provided instructions or directions for you task.

    I only know about Python so i have been doing a few Python katas every once in a while to maintain my knowledge with it. Sometimes i get a little excited that i can't keep myself from clicking the next challenge to get new puzzles to solve. Depends on the quality of the katas, though.
  3. I'm a software engineer, and I found the best way to learn truly was to find a project you could be passionate about, and then dive in. Learn everything as you go. Programming is just logic at its base, so you can start mapping out what something would look like as a finished product, and then research the tools necessary to get there.
  4. I agree with bxyz, Personally i am a programmer for my local FRC robotics team and work with C++ for the robot and HTML/CSS/PHP for the scouting database. When I was learning C++ I found YouTube tutorials to be helpful. But with web based programming I would recommend a website called Code academy, they have a pretty good outline that actually has the user programming to remember the content.
  5. I'm pretty good with java and javascript.
  6. I am decent in C# and VB.NET, as well learning some HTML.
  7. Make sure you fully understand object-oriented programming. It's key to a good career in programming.

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