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prices going down while flipping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hatss, Sep 25, 2015.

  1. don't you guys just hate it when you price check an item, then a couple buy but they can't sell because the prices have changed?
    it's even worse when the price has decreased.

    this is why i don't inactively flip. every time i do this the price has gone down when i come back. even if i sell for a little lower than the high price while i am AFK

    how do you all avoid this? it happens too much
  2. part of the game, maybe choose items that are traded more often?
  3. ye happens, its just a market. you gotta stick to smarted items
  4. just go for skilling items less risk
  5. or take the hit once and continue trading the same item at the lower price range, and if you're trading that item long enough, you might benefit from the upswing when the price comes back up.
  6. I don't think taking the hit and continuing to trade that item is worth it. Depending on the item of course.
  7. Don't like it either but that is the way the market works.. Decide wether to sell at a lower price or to wait for the price to raise again..
  8. Happened to me just today with large amounts of Tuna's, bought a lot for 149 and they droped to 133. Gave me the sads, and lost some money.

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