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Poll to Requirements to Unlock Music Cape in Old School Runescape

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rs2007role, Jul 21, 2015.

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    In the past one week, the appearance of OSRS Music Cape in a poll has been confirmed. But a new question is followed, which is the requirements to unlock the capes. Mod Ghost has made a straw poll for this issue, and over 50% people vote to unlock music cape trimmed when player has unlocked all tracks including holiday tracks. What about you?

    Three options for the requirements to unlock music cape

    Option 1: Music cape trimmed unlocks when player has unlocked all tracks including holiday tracks.

    Option 2: Music cape trimmed unlocks when a player has 2 skill capes or 1 skillcape and the achievement diary cape or the quest cape.

    Option 3: A combination of both of the above.

    Over 50% people vote for unlocking all tracks for the trimmed
  2. I'd go with option 1, I feel like if they want a (trimmed) cape that you can get after all achievement diaries/quests they should just go for a max cape eventually lol.
  3. i think the holiday tracks should be required for the normal one in all honesty - unpopular opinion for some, but if you want a cape to show you've completed the task of unlocking all tracks, you should have unlocked well...all of the tracks
    They discussed it in the behind the scenes a few weeks ago but the majority of people would already have the seasonal tracks anyway and even if they don't, there is an opportunity to unlock them all in the next years event :)
  4. I agree with this

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