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[Poll] Osrs or rs3?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zyreal, Mar 25, 2015.


Osrs or rs3?

  1. Osrs

  2. Rs3

  3. Both

  1. Just out of curiosity, which one do you play?
  2. Old School for the win :D
  3. Yee! :)
  4. Shouldn't there be an option for both as I play on both rs3 and osrs
  5. Added.
  6. OldSchool! :)
  7. Oldschool for sure :)
  8. Agree! Old School
  9. old school for win
  10. old school is the best
  11. Oldschool is the best imo.
  12. oldschool is so much better
  13. Lol no body selected rs3 as a single vote. Rip rs3
  14. Oldschool, because of the graphics.
  15. oldschool

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