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Plant Pot - My noob money technique 600k p/h

Discussion in 'Money Making Techniques' started by Anderson Teixeira, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. First, sorry my bad english, this is not my native lenguage :s

    I searched topics talking about this method and not found , then ...
    No level is necessary, you just need patience and 17 ~ 18k.

    Buy 1k empty plant vase by 16 ~ 18 gp each and fills them to cost 560 ~ 570 gp
    In about an hour you can fill the 1k pots and get the profit :D

    Hope this help :D
  2. I'll check it out, looks rather interesting XD, cheers for the idea!
  3. Hmm gonna check this out right away, let's hope I can make some cash out of this, Really need it to do some big flips :love:
    Thanks for the idea
  4. Interesting, I'll try it out see if it works.
  5. Thanks! I'll check this out seems worth!
  6. seems like a neat way to get some quick cash.
  7. Thank you for the tip, I will try this out soon for sure. :)
  8. interesting, I must test too see if this works
  9. Hm, that's definitely worth the time invested! Nice!
  10. This is actually genius lmao, nice man
  11. Seems nice. Ty 4 sharing. I once tried making money by making saplings from seeds and vases and it could work but the ge buy limit for seeds ruined it.
  12. Interesting, I'll try it out see if it works.
  13. definatly going to try this out!
  14. wow ty im gonna try this out!!!
  15. Is this worth doing in rs3? There are probably way better methods I guess! But thanks for sharing mate!
  16. Gonna try this out. Thanks. :D
  17. nice guide, i will check it out soon.
  18. Hrm..
    Does this work anyone?
  19. thanks! i have to check this out!
  20. I'll try it out hopefully it works

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