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Phew! I still got it.

Discussion in 'Lets Flip General' started by Pleb, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. So a few weeks ago I did a Zulrah prediction + took a risk on some items.


    Hooray I'm not stupid and still know how to do good investments OrzoH

  2. Well spotted mate, the analysis paid off =]
  3. that is actually pretty clever.. i wish i thought about that. well played
  4. Well played Keyboard! I'm jealous of the skills..
  5. Nice, so you got a 32m merch! This is why you don't have a name like plebsi (so grapes are pretty good amiright? OrzoH) or chochnoob
  6. More like 15m haven't checked the exact prices yet, sold a few of them earlier because i'm a pleb.
  7. I wasn't the grape mercher that was Five :confused: im the mith dart mercher OrzoHair
  8. Should of jumped on that train when they were a few hundred k

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