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Path to Prosperity

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Prosper, Feb 12, 2016.

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    Path to Prosperity
    This thread will be regularly updated so that everyone can follow my journey as I become one of the wealthiest men in Runescape.

    Bank Value:
    February 2016
    I created my OSRS account a few months ago. I played for a couple of days because I wanted to relive the past and take a trip down memory lane. Some kind fellow gave me 200k to start off with, and I lost it within hours through dicing. Shortly after, I quit.

    For the past few days, I started thinking about Runescape again. Figured what the hell, and logged back into my OSRS account "just to see how things are going".

    I changed my character's gender to female and started begging around the GE. If you guys need some start up capital, going female is a nice little trick. Guys love giving pixel girls gp.

    This method works as long as you are not an obvious beggar. :D
    Write something like : "New to the game, how can I get started?". Try to engage in conversation with players who look wealthy. Never directly ask for gp. Also, acting clueless is a bonus.

    Multiple people gave me 5k-10k and one guy gave me 50k. Since my account was still blocked from using the Grand Exchange, I logged out. My bank was worth around 125k, which I made in an hour or so.

    Logged in and was disappointed to see that I had to play another 14 hours before I could access the Grand Exchange. But then I noticed that another alternative to lifting this block was to reach 7 Quest Points. So I did the "Romeo and Juliet" quest as well as "Goblin Diplomacy".

    Immediately after, I rushed over to the Grand Exchange and got to work. I was discouraged at first because most resource items (coal, lobsters, yews) had really small margins. But then I started looking into less common items and found much greater margins. I ended the day with just under 400k in my bank. It is clear that investments will be far more rewarding compared to instant flipping.

    I was actively flipping on the Grand Exchange for a few hours. Got lucky with an item that had 2,200+ gp margin so I took advantage of that for as long as I could. I will still be checking in on the game for a few times before I go to sleep. Last night I had around 400k in my bank. Now, I have crossed over the 1m mark.
  2. 400k in your first day!? nice job man, you will have a green cash stack in no time. :)

    but i disagree i think instant flipping is so much more profitable with your stack.
  3. lol, you should keep begging as you flip
  4. Without a doubt, instant flipping is the way to go for now. Once my bank grows I will start dipping into investments.

    Haha, I think the grand exchange is beginning to recognize me. :D
  5. Just a quick update: I was sitting around the Grand Exchange waiting for some items to sell... A guy runs up to me says "trade quick" and gives me a bond. He ran away before I could even thank him. Haha, I must be lucky.
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  6. Nicee dude thats awesome wish you luck i your journey
  7. That a nice accomplishment so early. You'll be making bank if you keep doing it.

    Besides, what items did you flip?
  8. Dang wish i could find items that good /:
  9. I wish you the best of luck with your goal!

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