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P2P flipping clan on rs07?

Discussion in 'Clans' started by Nicollas Oliveira, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. Please tell me. Thx and good luck for all. :D
  2. i would love to join one too. if anyone wants to start one up id be glad to help get it going and i have a few friends who would be more than happy to be a part. :)
  3. my Clan flips. well i do, getting more people involed in it too. join R L C C
  4. I'd love to join, what are the requirments for the clan?
  5. Man, i would like to join one of the flipping clans on 07 :)
  6. If you guys go for it and make one let me know :)
  7. A merching clan would be better than purely flipping, but i'd start anywhere.
  8. We need a flipping CC with strict rules
  9. Would be very nice I would def join if someone made it!
  10. I would join for sure it'd be sick
  11. I'm down too, I get lonely flipping alone.
  12. I'm actually starting one up right now, CC: 'Bin Eyesis'
    We have giveaways and do events too.
    Would love to see some activity in there, I'm looking for some more leaders too.
  13. I would like to join such a clan but first I want to get into flipping alone
  14. Theres a flipping clan created by this group "lets flip"
  15. yea i would love to join one aswell
  16. Is there actually people active in that clan chat "lets flip" or is it just 2-3 players?
  17. i dont think flipping items needs clan, it is just mostly merching that requires a lot of people
  18. Join in on "Let's flip"

    There's only 3 members at the moment however, we should get more people from this website in there.
  19. Would be more competition in my opinion lmao..
  20. I have no idea about a flipping clan. But there is a merching clan called "NewMerch07" if you are interested.

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