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overnight investments

Discussion in 'Flipping and Merching Logs' started by derpadurp, Apr 16, 2016.

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    bought 14 dwh's overnight profit was 28.2m or so

    my noob merch log is in vid form below, people just mainly want to see profits so i kinda just cut to the chase
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  3. 28m overnight :eek: yes pls
  4. [​IMG]
    quick little 8m
  5. do you watch the graph and just buy at a low point?
  6. it depends really on if i see a trend is solid , also taking into account of peak hours/ slow hours to capitalize on being able to snipe the stuff at low prices
  7. [​IMG]

    little 22.9m profit or so, was buying overnight into early morning
  8. Would you be happy to explain a bit about flipping at peak hours if you have the time? I'm just getting into it and I'd love to learn everything I can use to make a quick profit (on a much lower scale with about 8m)

    Thanks :)
  9. sure, flipping (buying and selling) at peak hours is ok to do usually if you are active flipping, however if you are an overnight buyer your main goal is to get rid of whatever you have at peak hours or at some highpoint where you see a rise in the items price. The peak sell price time is not always at the peak hours but usually when you deal with a large amount of something it will usually sell the most during peak hours when the maximum number of people are on for the day, and as their number trickle down the sales slow down too, and also a lot of people who get bored with their stuff tend to just dump them back in at lower prices decreasing the normal value of whatever the item is around the lesser hours.
    The initial goal of buying overnight items is to catch/ snipe those dumped items and resell them at peak hours for profit... nothing really to it, but it does take some experience on whatever item you are doing it with and having realistic probable prices that they would dump at so you can get them... in rare cases people have been known to get things for almost nothing... i saw a dude get an elysian for 10k then another guy got an occult necklace for 50k.. but those are freak rare instances so if you are trying to get into it, have realistic prices and don't be discouraged if you fail a few times
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  10. That's great, thank you! :) I'll give it a try and let you know how it turns out :D
  11. no problem and best of luck!
  12. between 6pm gmt -9pm during the weekday.. at some point between the time american kids get out of school/work and just before the dudes in the united kingdom are finished with work/school probably dinner too and are just playing for a few hours before its bed time
  13. hey man some awesome flips in there, slow down a bit though like this i can't really get ahead of you ;)
  14. ive been pretty slow this week you might lol
  15. Wow, I wish I could flip like this with more than 5m...
    Seeing this makes me want to give up lol
  16. i started with 3m about a year ago
  17. HI what hours are peak times and what hours are slow times? i live in colorado
  18. Do you have skype, or any tutorials?
    Going from 3m to 150m+ is really good.
  19. about 2 hours from now for about 2-3 hours before people start logging off again... you can just check the player count on the front page to see and slow times is when the number is way down
  20. nah i haven't made a guide yet, i might after a while, never really thought about it since there are so many out already on youtube

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