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Overlay for RS Stream

Discussion in 'Graphics' started by Sky, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. So I made myself at quite neat overlay (Atleast i think that myself).
    The resolution is 1920x1080 (HD)

    What you guys think about it?
    Rate, Hate Masterdebate.
  2. well if you the made background yourself it looks pretty good. otherwise, its okay i guess.
  4. Yeah i am indeed my dear friend wesley ;D
  5. Pretty cool design man! Good work!
  6. I like it alot and atleat it aint low resolution like you see on some others :D
  7. Not bad overall, but try and make things blend together instead of just placing things in and cutting things out, keep it up though, practice makes perfect.
  8. Your RS window should be using more of all screen, right side have to be fixed. GL

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