Opinion on first 2 signatures?


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So I've never made signatures before, these two are my first attempts

Any tips/pointers?
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I like both of them, I don't have any tips/pointers per say but more like things I would do different.
  • I personally wouldn't make a signature 500pxs high.
  • The "Inori" text could be a bit darker so it's easier to read on the bright background.
BUT! it's art at the end of the day and we all have different styles, so if you are happy with the result keep it that way :)


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They are both nice and i don't really have any pointers or tips, but Holo is best girl ^^
so the first one is 10/10.

(Holo is my waifu, this is her in my bedroom:
tumblr_nvg8sh65KR1uup2r4o1_1280.jpg )