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OG Braxton's Flipping Log

Discussion in 'Flipping and Merching Logs' started by OG Braxton, Aug 15, 2015.

  1. #1 OG Braxton, Aug 15, 2015
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2015
    Figured i might as well put up some of my logs on here to see my best successful flips, also might add some other pretty common items for new people to the site to get an idea of what items to look for. Thanks for checking out the post! :)

    Odium ward
    Total Profit = 2,184,330. took like 10 mins

    Steel Bars
    Accident flip.png
    Total Profit: 458,492. Accidentally left these buying for a day while i was gone, instant sold these for a huge profit.
  2. Wow, i used to flip those but forgot all about them. good flip man, and can't wait to see your future flips.
  3. nice job on odiums, i had 30 at 5175k ea, i got out wayyy too early :(
  4. dang dude that would have been a great flip if you held a bit longer
  5. Just added another flip for the log hope to add some more soon, thanks guys :)
  6. I'll be keeping up with these posts man.
    I know this is a nooby question, but how do you know the price is going to sell for more instantly?
    I know I'm missing some common sense on this one lol but anything can help atm i just got cleaned
  7. Wow that's a huge difference in the steel bars for just 1 day. Nice merch!!
  8. i always lose money when trying to flip odiums xD
  9. NICE just look at those gains ;) haha
  10. I'm amazed by the steel bar flip, nice find
  11. looks good mate! keep it up/..
  12. Amazing flips, Thanks for sharing :p
  13. nice flips! I had a similar thing happen with gold ore, when i forgot to cancel buying 10k. Ended selling them for 50gp margin.
  14. Most impressive, truly. Well done sir
  15. This is really dope. Thanks fr the upload homie boyl. good shit man
  16. Nice profit on the steel bars!:D Goodluck in future flips
  17. I wish I had such luck with steel, or well, more I wish I was more patient, I waited a whole 3 min, and then got all jump and lost like 30K :(
  18. Nice Profit right there. i need to take note lol
  19. Is Odium wards very good to flips?
  20. Damn, thats impressive. All about finding the right items and being on at the right time :)

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