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Official Rules

Discussion in 'General Information' started by Sky, Apr 12, 2015.

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    §1.0 Respect.
    Within the forums you should respect each other as members of the community; we expect that you treat each other with respect regarding opinions and differences, even if you don't agree on certain points.
    §1.1 Respect the Staff-Team.
    In order to keep a healthy community, respect the staff-team in any given situation. Any action taken has the best interest of the community in mind.​

    §2.0 Behaviour.
    Respect each other and their wishes. Do not create situations where flaming, harassing and threatening actions become an issue.

    §3.0 Offensive Language.
    Youth of today use a lot of offensive language, though this is to be expected, please keep in mind there are instances where you may be going too far.
    §3.1 The limits
    Members of the community may know each other, and their limits. As long as reports from the "offended" have not been received, no actions will be taken.
    §4.0 Profanity in names.
    Usernames deemed offensive, solicit or of sexual nature will be subject to a name change without consent.
    §4.1 Contact
    Usernames deemed inappropriate, will be contacted. The user will be given the chance to specify a replacement username.
    §4.1.1 Refusing, Ignoring or non-responsive
    Refusing to pick a replacement username, ignoring or simply not responding will lead to a forceful change of username by the staff member. (forceful username changes will follow forum guideline rules)​

    §5.0 Spam.
    To prevent unwanted spam and clutter of the forums, please only post relevant and contributing content.
    §4.1 Gravedigging
    Before posting in topics, please have in mind that some topics are to be considered old and therefore outdated, refrain from posting in such topics as this is frowned upon and may lead to a suspension or a more permanent solution.
    §4.2 Advertising
    Advertising is not tolerated in our community.​

    §6.0 Common sense.
    Please use common sense, if you think what you're saying is wrong, it most likely is.

    §7.0 RuneScape Rules.
    We expect that everyone in the community to abide by the rules of RuneScape.
    Under no circumstance should the RuneScape rules be broken within our community. Acting upon rule breaking may end in collaboration of the Jagex staff.
    Personal information will never be distributed that could personally harm you in any way.
    The RuneScape rules can be found here: RuneScape Rules
    The Old School Runescape Grand Exchange rules can be found here: OSRS GE Rules

    If these simple rules can't be followed, actions will be taken and these can be anything from a simple warning to a permanent ban from our community - it all depends on how serious the offence is.

    Upon receiving warnings for breaking any of the rules stated above you receive warning points.
    At certain amount of warning points received a user will get a suspension that varies on the amount of warning points the user has received.

    We keep the right of making changes or even add rules at any given time, it is your responsability as a user in the community to keep yourself updated on the rules.

    Last updated: February 8th. 2016
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