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need a flip clan

Discussion in 'Clans' started by zach H, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. im kinda new to flipping so I need someone or several people to lean on to help me along the way and help me with my questions needed.
  2. Join @Ryan 's official CC - Lets Flip
  3. Do people help or suggest item to merch in the clan? that would be nice.
  4. Would love to join a flipping clan as I am new but have the currency to start
  5. Are there any other big merch clans?
  6. join lets flip cc in game, its ryans clan
  7. I'm in the clan, but not alot of people communicate.
  8. Thanks was looking for a cc this will be helpful
  9. uh oh nice cc gonna try this soon
  10. Go to varrock, there is a 3gp spawn point. Then make your way over to GE lol you'll be 300% better off to start with than a lot of flippers here!
  11. I will join as well to start flipping money is problem haha
  12. need a clan to. Any active one?

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