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Necromancy Arceuus Prayer Gp/Exp Spreadsheet

Discussion in 'Guides and Tips' started by Stempz, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. Head type - gp/exp

    Tzhaar 7.423007246
    Demon 8.083760684
    Avansi 8.668557536
    Abyssal 9.602307692
    Dragon. 10.80512821

    Dragon Bones 13.33730159
    Lava DBones 16.93445378
    Dagg Bones 27.84228571

    (taken from a google spreadsheet of mine which i can't link b/c of spam protection) (march 9th)

    This is a few days outdated but should generally speaking be fairly accurate. Although the ensouled heads themselves tend to have a low supply in the ge so you will probably have to buy overnight for the best prices. But overall it seems if you have a decent enough combat level for necromancy, the exp rates tend to be about 350k - 500k per hour in my experience (although this is using the higher end heads).

    Even still the gp/exp saved is pretty nice 13gp/exp for dragon bones on galtar. And the most expensive gp/exp head being dragon head is still 10 gp/exp and the rest of the heads drop from 9 gp/exp to a measly 3 or 4 gp/exp. Of course not completly accurate as the supply for most of these heads is still fairly low.
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  2. wow thanks man, this will help when i start training prayer again.
  3. yeah dude its good, we need more heads in the game tho
  4. cool man, thankyou! :D
  5. Gonna need it when im gonna level up my prayer. ty

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