Nature Thieving - 38-48k p/hr semi-afkable

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  1. Hey guys, Alvin is back :) . It's been a while since I made my last guide on Lets-Flip. I retired from Runescape in general and moved to an RSPS until Deadman Mode was released. Thought I'd come back and give this a go and so far it's been fun. Without further ado, let's get to the money making.

    • 28 Thieving

    • A timer that can reset
    • Netflix or something to do while you're doing this.
    • Patience

    This money making method is very simple to do for a bit of starting cash. Even if you somehow do it wrong, the penalties are near to nothing. To begin, travel to Ardougne. If you are nearer to Edgeville, using the Wilderness lever is the simplest way to get here (Note: You do travel into the wilderness and there's a ten second delay when you are there where you CAN NOT teleport - this will make you extremely vulnerable to pkers).
    Once you are in Ardougne, go to the house in Eastern Ardougne near the beginning of the Ardougne rooftop agility course.


    To enter the house, right click the door and pick-lock. Continue until you enter in. Go upstairs and you will see two different chests. Use the Northern one.


    Continue to press the "Search for Traps" button until the box opens. Once it does, start your countdown timer counting down from 15 seconds. The chest has a 15 second respawn timer, meaning that in those fifteen seconds, you can do whatever you want. For each successful raid, you get one nature rune and one gp, nature runes costing about 190-200.

    NOTE: Nature Rune prices are bound to change. Keep updated on the price.

    I was watching Netflix (Arrow if you guys know about that) while doing this, and in one hour, I had about 210 nature runes. Let's do our math now.
    If you get one nature rune every 15 seconds, that means you can get up to 240 nature runes per hour. 240 x 200 = 48k. That will be your MAXIMUM income in an hour unless you can find a higher price.
    Now, you'd have to be perfect to get 240, a more realistic number is 200. 200 x 190 = 38k . That's the minimum you can get if you work diligently.

    I've only run through this a few times so a lot of this is theoretical and I'd love to hear progress from you guys. This is my second guide ever so I'd love to hear some constructive criticism from you all. Thank you for reading my guide and I hope you all are having a fun time on DMM.​
  2. Nice guide man! Love this method, semi afk if you don't get pked though.

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