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Name Changed

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Sky, May 22, 2015.

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  1. Hey guys,

    Before anyone starts asking "Who is this new Admin 'Kevin'?"
    I am Porn. I have just simply come to realise that if I am to take care of people who have inaprobiate names or profanity in their names which is too much of the good, neither should I then have any name that would be no way near the terms of that.

    Some people will still referr to me as "Porn" and it's cool, I just can't allow myself to have the name shown as such being an Administrator.

    So from now it's Kevin.
  2. The streams saying have finally come true...

    RIP in Porn.
  3. What a brave and wise decision, they grow up so fast BibleThump
  4. We shall never forget the good times of Porn. BibleThump.
    (Maybe no more inappropriate fapping signatures kappa)
  5. RIP in Porn gentlemen BibleThump
  6. I will never change my name. #murica
  7. More like August 2009 -ish? nice one though :)

    Well then you might not because "America is a free country" but the internet is not..
    That doesn't mean I won't change it for you.

    With the amount of people in the community there will also be a lot of minors in the community and I personally would like the community to be a place for all ages of those who plays RuneScape.

  8. #9 Voldas, May 22, 2015
    Last edited: May 22, 2015
    This website has its servers hosted in America, and if you visit often this site you are then subject to United States laws specifically the state in which the site is hosted.
    The Laws in The State of Utah say "Consistent with the protections of the Utah and United States constitutions in order to preserve the free speech rights of others, outbursts or similar actions which disrupts or is likely to disrupt any meeting or proceeding, is prohibited." and in turn my name does not interfere with the constitution's limitations on freedom of speech and expression.
  9. I am not going to argue with you, quite frankly because I don't like people who bring up their laws in my face without realising that their laws don't count for me and neither do they realise what 'Self-Censorship' means and that it is allowed even in the U.S.

    Yes you do have the right to speak freely, but that also includes hence we use 'Self-Censorship' in practically any online community in the world that I and other staff of the various amounts of online communities have the right to remove you from the communities if it is seen as the best for the community.

    So either way your going to lose.

    Please have a nice day my dear Voldas. kappa
  10. Voldas the Poisoned for you, you filthy foreign pleb kappa
  11. That was what I changed his name to and then I banned his second account.
    I just love when people don't respect me when I am trying to be the nice guy.
  12. The thing is though Kevin you have data stored in the U.S giving any laws where the data is stored jurisdiction over you and this power is given with TIAS 11179, and 11580.
  13. Yes they have allowance to store my data, any data i put in on american hosting servers is theirs to store.
    This just doesn't prove the point you tried to state before, the only thing they can do is prosecute me and my country would have to bring me over to the International Court of Law.

    But honestly if your that interested in the law and putting it down on my head for obviously taking away your freedom of speech as your saying, i really really want you to sue me, I would love to see what that would lead to.

    Im drawing my last card here and stop this foolish never ending law-discussion, I know that I have the right to change your username and as said if you feel like i violated your right of free speech, sue me and let's continue this in court.

    Here is the informations you would need on me to start of your lawsuit against me:
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