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My story- Stealth

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by ivstealth, Sep 11, 2015.


Why does the website think I'm a bot?

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  1. #1 ivstealth, Sep 11, 2015
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    Well I recently just joined.....3 days ago. I had 30m cash. Today I hit 50m+ cash. I've been playing ALL day because I'm very sick. I flipped the partyhat &spectacles yesterday 6 times, from 8m to 20m cash, and I took a screenshot (dew you asked for it haha)
    Well if you were on yesterday September 9th, this was the event to make a lot of bank on, and today September 10th nmz was nerfed, so guthans was too. I ended up buying 10 sets at 8.9m and selling for 9.4m a hour later. And then I bought them for 9.4m cash, and ran to the g.e and sold them back right away for 9.5m cash. I also took a loss on the staffs about 1.6m but that's behind me now and I made way more profit the last 2 days to give a fuck about the 1.6m lol.

    It's possible to start somewhere, and just don't give up. Keep trying. I thought I wouldn't be able to pull almost double my cash stack in 2 days but I almost did.

    Edit can't add pictures...I can't even add a link lmfao so yeah.

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    nice job keep it up :) . fixed your broken link btw.
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    added from last night... Didn't make as much as I wanted to but whatever money is money
  4. nice flips, about the site thinking that you are a bot, this is a measure that has been installed to ensure that we don't get bots as soon as you get above the treshhold you should be fine :D
  5. Oh okay thanks. I really hope it's 5 posts because this wold be my 5th post. lol
  6. thats awesome hoping to get some good flips as well
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    Well it's been a while since I last updated my shit. I'd like to say that I've been doing this almost everyday when I can. These last 2 weeks I've been slacking off and I'm not up to where I thought I would be. That's only because of finals, and runescape kinda boring me to death.
    From the start of this thread, basically what you see with the party hats and shit, I was only at like 30m. Currently as of right now my account has a net worth (including the money invested in my 99 mage/ untradeables..fucking holy book) of 290m(I've given out over 10m). But yeah, I joined this forums with basically jack shit, and Mdew(who quit =[ ) and the other members inspired me to just be lazy and make money from doing nothing. But yeah, this shit ins't to brag about, but to motivate you guys who say "i cant do this shit" well, yeah you can't do this shit if you don't try it. Give it a try and don't give up. Learn from your mistakes. Also

    Night flips, are the best flips :)

  8. Very Nice; Especially the profit on that one sale :D
  9. good job man keep it up!! about to get in on some of this cash
  10. Darn man nice flips im trying to get like that asap
  11. very nice, looking to get there.
  12. Very nice!

    Never knew about ph & specs til lately.
  13. Very nice flips, bookmarked for later.
  14. Very nice, I might have try out your flip.
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    holy fucking cow, that's crazy work man.
    I went from 3m to 50m in a week though aswell.

    crazy work man, truly makes me moist.
  16. dude that's amazing, i wish i could find some nice flips like those

    i'm mainly just doing a lot of high volume flipping i.e. buying thousands of items for 5% less than market value and selling for 5% above
  17. I'm going to be updating my progress tomorrow 8)
  18. [​IMG]


    Basically over 420m, I couldn't include everything, and on top of that i've been very sloppy with my money, kinda been cannoning every single task I can, and been using rune darts on my blowpipe, as well as paying for my membership every 14 days. I've also quit for the whole month of December after posting that last update. I came back to 3rd age amulets being over 25m, and right after selling them, i hopped on the zul-andra teleport band wagon, and made the best financial decision I could've on this game lmao. Anyways, from the knowledge I got from some of these members, and research myself, It def puts me ahead of a lot of people. Anyways see ya guys at 500 or 600m. lol
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  19. Awesome progress, will have to pm you for lessons haha :p
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  20. 420m??? that's all flipping from 30m?

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