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My Runescape flipping story of awsomeness!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by zyak, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. Turned 1gp into 14m! And counting without this chart, now hopefully ill be making bank if its as good as its said to be!!!
  2. Nice how long did it take you?
  3. About a month but that was while getting a zerker done at the same time :D
  4. thats an insane gain for a month.
  5. Anything from 1 GP is awesome! Congrats on the progress! :D
  6. Wow man, any suggestions on what to flip?
  7. Well, alot of the time i did sharks and magic logs, zulra scales and darts, they were my main items, but i got one super special item but im not going to say that :D
  8. I love watching the 1gp - x progresses. Great job on your success! Goodluck on future flips :)
  9. That amazing given its only from 1gp which is a rough start. I can only think of merching feathers with 1 gp lol
  10. Nice job. Those are some interesting items that I've never tried but may give a shot
  11. 1gp to 14m?? ridiculously good man. congratz
  12. What items did you flip? Great to hear about your success!
  13. Thats dedication, Well done on the profits!!! how D:
  14. Dang, wish I had 14M! I could use em on getting my range up!

    haha better go merch some
  15. what was the 1st item you used?
  16. Wow man congrats on that, impressive!!
  17. That's very impressive, congratulations!
  18. damn man thats amazing hopefully i can make that money too haha
  19. Hopefully I'll get that lucky some day!
  20. new to this! help me out! also which items you started with?And can u merch f2p?

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