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My new Baby <3

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sky, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. So i bought this little piece for me self :3
    And i be Like; OrzoHPogChampOrzoHPogChampOrzoHPogChampOrzoHOrzoChampOrzoChampOrzoChampOrzoChampOrzoChampOrzoChampOrzoChampOrzoChampOrzoChampOrzoChampOrzoChampOrzoChampOrzoChampOrzoChampOrzoChampOrzoChamp
  2. Is that a toastie maker? AlanKappa
  3. yeps.. makes the best grilled cheese out there bro PogChampPogChamp
  4. I'm down for some of that, ham and cheese please!

    POST #500.
  6. Time to go through your posts to prune the spam! GKappa
  7. That looks really nice. I bet you get very good fps....:D
  8. Looks like a car! I also play on a laptop, lots of pros and cons but gaming in bed is fun hah
  9. It looks really awesome but if you are just going to use it for gaming at home a desktop pc is soo much better for not getting outdated and performance.
  10. Amazing my comp has Trojan.zlob.q on it and Norton team is working on solution

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