Money Making and New Account Making on RS3 (F2P) 8_11_17


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I am a once-in-awhile poster and lurker in the LETS FLIP forums, and I have noticed there is some occasional questions about money making and prices in RS3, as well as questions about the future.

I wanted to open up a discussion which I may (and I encourage you all to) add screenshots of what I am doing.

I haven't fully researched the purpose of these forums although I have been notified that price manipulation as a clan is not one of them. Let me however mention a few of my current interests and achievements in RS3 only and since 2014:

First a brief introduction: I am a native of the Southwest US, and I began playing RS around the age of 12 and heavily until about 16. I did what most people did, and though I got lucky a few times, I never got extremely wealthy. RS is much like real life in the sense that it can be either about sheer entertainment, which is usually too expensive to get rich by, or with investing or collecting, through which enjoyment can be derived through the study of the sport.

When I rejoined RS to find RS3 in 2014, at age 22, my new goal was entirely focused upon using mostly passive methods to increase the wealth and value of my account(s)

So the rest of my post will be some recent findings. Since 3 years ago, I have logged minimal time on my account and have gained roughly 12 billion in RS3 mostly through GE buying and holding, but some big sales were made in the private collections trade market in RS3.

Utilizing the 6 slots allowed in p2p from January 2014 to ~June 2017, my long-time desires to run multiple accounts formulated itself into a real plan.

I realized how easy it is nowadays to create a new account. Creating an email is easy, and I recommend which you can input your info multiple times and receive as many free emails as you want. You must remember or store these emails, but then you can get an account started and the GE activated in 5 minutes or so.

Now they do give 8 slots in membs and 3 in f2p, so utilizing this method, you could create a new account or more every single day, and as long as you remember your information, there is technically no limit.

Recently?, there was a trade limit imposed on the free accounts (with not enough quest points or activity?). This is irrelevant, because you can trade money from 1 account to another simply by using the GE.

My own experiences with this over 3 months have involved me creating a total of 3 f2p accounts, and I do not have a difficulty deciding which items to trade. There is serious money to be made by the sheer volume of trading which can be done.

-Account 1 was created in June 2017. It now has a GE value total of 50M+ in the top 28 most valuable item stacks, with less than 25 hours time spent and an estimated earnings potential of 20M+ per month.

-Account 2 was created July 4 2017, It has a combined GE value of 25M+, with less than 10 hours spent. Earning potential is roughly 10M+ per month with the items I am investing in with exponential growth

-Account 3 was created at the beginning of this month, just a week ago. It has been receiving money from a find on an f2p item with margins of 50-100k up to 1M+ (I am stocking this item [170 in stock as of 8/11] on account 1 and sharing it with account 3 through coordinated GE trades, and account 3 has now sold approx 10 of this item for ~1M ea)

Based on my experience with trading, my finding is that the limitation to money making has nothing to do with f2p or p2p with items. You need to have access to as many slots as possible to make as much money from the GE as you can.

Now I operate 8 p2p and 9 f2p slots, and hopefully I will develop even more. Margins are incredible on all items, f2p and p2p alike, and the reason I never lose money on items ever, seriously, is because I hold onto items until I sell them for above the average purchase price. That means if I buy the first stack of an item at an ultra high price, I will get into it deep until my average price is low enough, and if necessary, I will wait months or more to sell.

Over 150+ p2p and 100+ f2p items and 3 years, I can give real ballpark numbers on the following concepts:

-Average hold time 2-6 weeks

-Average profit margin 200-300%

-Average buying price: 700 GP Average sell price: 1400-2100 GP

-Average volume per GE slot per 24 hours: 500-800 buying or selling

This means the average GE slot has earned me ~600-900k per 24 hours when actively in use. That is a very safe estimate (in RS3 prices)

PS: A brief note on the topic of RWT and RWV. RWT is in my opinion what makes RS more unique, exciting and relevant. I have never bought gold, although giving it away and gambling with it has brought me a lot of joy. Much has been at stake which arguably was never mine and arguably never had any value. In my opinion, your gameplay on your RS account and expression of the interface is very similar to art. Art cannot be taxed while in possession or often when traded, and the way we use our RS accounts is often similar to that. RWT is additional proof that the game's machinations have measurable value. RS3 and OSRS gold value is still such that methods like these could actually equate to a full time job.

There are thousands of items available to trade even on f2p. Assuming that groups haven't already begun with this, imagine that just 1000 items deemed as profitable targets were being managed by a single person or team.

That would require 334 free accounts, which would take roughly 50 hours to create. Once these accounts have been created, the ability to take control of these items and begin to acquire stock would be effortless. The GE allows you to stock items for 1 gp each, and so if your strategy was to pick up as much stock as possible, you could begin buying up items at just 1 gp ea.

Now follow with my quick mathematical calculations: Average sell price on these items would be 350-500 gp, and on average, 500 slots would be selling and 500 buying, until the stock of all 1000 items were better built. Toward the better days of the operation, as many as 800 slots might be selling with 200 buying. 1000 slots are being used either to buy or sell the better option (technically 2000 slots would be required to run the operation like a true racket). The average volume would be not be halved on buying at 1 gp ea. If there is only 1 buyer, they get everything. That means an average of 250k-400k items would be coming in at a cost of 250k-450k gp per day, with the largest initial costs being the acquisition of items that might sell for 1 gp. Once a stock is created on all 1000 items, you can sell as many roughly as you buy by offering enough slots selling. The average # of items selling on 500+ slots would be roughly 500-800 items at that 350-500 gp ea, or 500*500*350 (87.5M) to 500*800*500 (200M) gp coming in per day.

The rough time that would be required would be the total time needed to log in an reset the offers on the 334+ accounts. The accounts would all be free and of course different methods might be used to gain better profits, like investing in items with a better understanding of their margins. I recommended the 1 gp idea if you understand that you must try selling an item to the GE to receive either 1 or 0 gp (or a feasibly small amount) so that you can begin picking up items for nothing.

I posted another article about this and how I used buying and holding to achieve repeated success. This discussion may continue if I get some thoughts.


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An update to this. I have been implementing multiple account usage to gather stock from the stores all around varrock, falador, and al kharid. Varrock offers the most promise, with 7 key shops:

Aubury: 300 fire runes and 300 air runes being the best buy there. Available every day

Horvik: Bronze and Iron Platebodies for huge money.

Also Visit the sword shop north of varrock home telly. Zaff is right by the bank and so is Lowe. Finally thessalia has 1k threads.

You can spend about 150k in varrock and buy about 750k in stuff. Fally and al kharid are alright as well!

That's part 1.

Part 2 is doing buy and hold with those items and other items your accounts may come across. I have a particular item I'm making millions on just because I found one on the ground and price checked it.

My goal is to personally control as many f2p items as possible through acquisition.

Once your account has made a few million and is comfortably merching the 3 ge slots, you will be able to start a new account and repeat the process.

There are many ways to get a noob account rich, but this one seems to be a quick point and shoot I would recommend for everyone.