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Missing Item GE Limits

Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by Ryan, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. Filled plant pot Current -1 Correct 600
  2. Dwarf Cannon set Current 8 Correct 50
  3. Yew logs, set at 1 needs to be 12k
  4. Items missing from OSRS GE Merch Tool
    Amulet of Torture- Current G.E Price: 14.8m
    3rd age Platebody: Doesn't show up
    Tormented Bracelet: Current G.E price 15m

    I will add more as I find them.
  5. The limit for curry leaf is 5k
  6. The limit for black d'hide vamb is 70, instead of 125.
  7. battlestaffs 11k dragon leather 11k for all 4 types
  8. Irit potion (unf) is 10k. I believe this is the case for all unfinished potions.
  9. Blue D'Hide Body change from 70-125
  10. bananas (5) -- limit in list: 1 wrong.
  11. granite maul set at 1 needs to be changed to 70 (i believe)
  12. Tentacle whip is not 8 i think its 70 i bought 19 in like 30mins so
  13. So I'm trying to get you going here as this will take a huge amount of time to fill the whole database and everyone seems too stupid to notice a correlation.

    You could try extracting the RS3 ge database which is almost the same with like a few error: runescape.wikia.wiki/Curry_leaf
  14. Banana tree seed have a limit of 200 and shows as 600 in the tool.
  15. Armadyl coif (and other d'hide god items) current 70- is 8.
  16. Bucket of Sand ― incorrectly listed as 125 GE limit. Should be 13,000.
  17. big bones limit is 3000. Check it
  18. Yew logs have a 12,000 buy limit
  19. Have to post

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