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[Melee] AFKable Spot (Kind of known) Low levels!

Discussion in 'Guides and Tips' started by Melvin, Jan 11, 2016.

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    I'm sure we have all heard of the Giant Spiders afkable spot on level three of the Stronghold of security. Although, if you have low defence it's not a very good spot. I wanted to share another spot that you all may or may not know. Click the spoilers at the bottom to view the location/positioning and my own stats.

    Fleshcrawlers on level two in the Stronghold of Security. This is for the lower levels who want to train combat. I'm barely getting hit with my current stats.

    At my current stats, I only need to eat food around every 6-10 minutes.

    Directions: Set a timer on your phone for about 6 minutes, or whatever you are comfortable with. Position yourself in the center of the room. If they stop auto-attacking you, leave the room and kill a zombie next door. Then step back in.

    Required Materials:
    Full inventory of food with one slot left open for noted Iron Ore.
    Suggested Stats: At least 40 defense
    Suggested Armor: Full Rune
    Stats I started with:
    UPDATE: Stats after 4 trips, 100 food. Around 7 hours
    Click the spoiler to view the location:
  2. Not bad, but the drops are pretty terrible on f2p.
  3. Rannar weed drops there for members. Not often though
  4. How long does their aggro last? Is it the normal 15ish minutes or longer because stronghold?
  5. About 15 minutes. What I do is I swap over to the zombies then return back after about 2-3 minutes.
  6. Just started a new F2p account so I will check this out when I get some levels!
  7. It's a very very nice spot. Just make sure to have 40 defense with at least adamant armor or better so your trips last longer.
  8. I like the spot, but I wouldn't recommend it, neither do I know a better spot, just get active I guess
  9. Try spiders if you want something along the lines of this.
  10. Rock crabs are my favorite until ready for NMZ with prayer.
  11. This is undoubtedly one of the best places to train in f2p for low lvl mains.
  12. Big Frogs, in the Lumby Swamp are also great exp for low levels, especially on Free to Play
  13. Yeah its one of the best spots around.
  14. You can AFK Hill giants in the edgeville dungeon
  15. Very good for f2p ! Really afkable
  16. Thanks a lot for this. It's a great help.
  17. Good spot.. Can be crowded with bots
  18. awesome, thnx man was looking for a place to easily afk my second acc.
  19. i remember when osrs first launched, me and my cousin did this to train up to 60 attack and 70 strength.

    It's like 35k exp/h if i remember correctly, so not too bad. might start training my 2nd account here again, thanks for reminding me.
  20. Decent place on members

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