Making easy money 100k/hour

Discussion in 'Deadman Mode Guides and Tips' started by Deadmanonly, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. Hi guys. There is an easy way to make money. The only thing required is a level 10 of crafting. Simply what you gonna do is pick flax in the field of Seer's village till your inv is full. Then Spin it to bowstrings in the building upstairs just west of the field( a small building, u can follow other players if u dont know where its located). If u have made bowstrings all of it just walk to the north to stack it in your bank(empty your inv) and go back to the field again. You can repeat this as wanted. The bank is a safe spot and u can sell your bowstrings there. You can sell 1 bowstring for 120 gp easy. And u can stack 28 bowstrings in within 5 minutes. I was making 50 k in a half a our. Good luck!
  2. hm I was trying to do this got pked pretty hard, don't forget to get those combats up.
  3. So it's basically just spinning flax??

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