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Made a mill from 100k in a week !

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by OS Flip, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. nice job keep going, you defiantly should keep at it
  2. congrats thanks for sharing your flipping story
  3. woah m8 share ur secret with us :3
  4. Very well done mate, i never have the patience to do runs :p
  5. you are a straight wizard thats awesome!
  6. Wow nice man, keep that pace and you will be a billionare in no time
  7. grats on the success that you are having.
  8. Nicee. I'm at 2m right now made my first mill in a week started a few days ago made it from the g souls event that is going on right now.
  9. ill wait patiently for a nice guide when ever its out, But i did make 43.5m last night from flipping a 3rd age wand
  10. nice man, hope i can do the same soon
  11. wow nice one dude, i plan to start very soon!
  12. Why do pictures go away after so long...

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