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Made a mill from 100k in a week !

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by OS Flip, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. First post !! yayy

    Pictures will follow soon in a guide on how to get started up !

    Thought to share to show people that at the start its hard but the rewards will come ! :D

    Cheers guys
  2. Nice. I play f2p and i made 1m from 300k in 2 days. i guess starting cash really makes a difference
  3. ya thats really nice i have 2 mill rate now and not sure what to flip to start.
  4. sounds good, looking forward to the proggies
  5. Yeahh, definitely ! With my mil just made another mill in 2 days hahaa :D

    Start off with high traded stuff thats what I have done and get a feel for it. I know it sounds weird but I know when people are low balling me and stuff now :p

    Cheers ! Will be posting them soon want good examples for people so making sure its do able for all :D
  6. Wow wow wow nice congratulations
  7. Indeed a 1000% increase in a week is pretty good
  8. yeah that's decent, keep going man
  9. Nice work man, keep at it :), try do some skilling while flipping thats what I like to do haha.
  10. I'm f2p, just trying to get some startup cash before i can start flipping like a big boy
  11. that's awesome! i managed to scrape up 41m in a super short time from only a bond! i hope you can do the same! :D (the bond was a good hint)
  12. nice man grats! good job man
  13. Thanks for the comment !

    Im currently fletching atm whilst flipping only 55 but money will soon follow :D !
  14. Nice man ! I will check them out :D
  15. Just made 2mill off my 1mill in a week ! Starting to get the hang of it hhaaha
  16. what are you flipping if i may ask?
  17. Good luck keep up with the money! ;o
  18. Congratulations with successfull flips. Is it secret what items have you been flipping?
  19. I'm about to post a thing how I made money and the stuff I have flipped :D :D :D :D
  20. Indeed a 1000% increase in a week is pretty good


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