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(Low level combat) money making method

Discussion in 'Money Making Techniques' started by Pepsi, Mar 24, 2015.

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    Simple method high combat stats not required but food might be useful.
    Flesh crawlers are good for herb drops, iron ore, nature runes and fire runes.
    Best herb which can be collected is grimy ranarr which is around 9.5k each and is good for some startup money while training melee stats.

    These are located in the stronghold security at barbarian village
    (Attack and strength or combat potions may be useful to speed up kills)
  2. [​IMG] "u wot m8"
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  3. Haha, nice guide Pepsi !
  4. great idea
  5. i was just thinking of going there for some quick strength xp
  6. Great guide m8 I r8 8/8
  7. Great guide although I recommend bringing runes to alch the items that are dropped as it saves you going back and forward from the bank, this requires 55 magic though. If you are a low level it probably wouldn't really be necessary as you'd probably need to re-stock on food anyway but useful to anyone that does have the 55+ mage.
  8. Good idea, might try this on my new pure xD
  9. Used to train here on f2p all the time, never knew it could make money on pures! Would be better than rockcrabs if I knew this when I started my pure :D Great idea
  10. I don't recall receiving any items which are worth alching but could be useful to bring the runes as place holders so food does not need to be wasted when picking up the runes at the start
  11. Old,but good.but i preffer druids for herbs
  12. Druids are good but dont you need to go through wildy to enter, my guide is 100% safe from pkers unless on a pvp world :p
    (i could make a simple guide for druids but i wouldn't want to steal your idea)
  13. Druids in taverly dungeon are safe as well ;)
  14. Didn't know there was any in taverly lol, well you learn something new everyday ;)
  15. Yeah they're just round the corner, about 5 of them :D
  16. I used to always do this when I was a noob, really does work :p

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