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Lost 30M wealth earned from flipping, gone in seconds

Discussion in 'Lets Flip General' started by ryan stephen daines, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. #1 ryan stephen daines, Feb 19, 2016
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    So today i was banking my lastest flips when a dude approched me (CS G GOD something) he showed me 330M in trade. I thought it was cool and he said he was qutting. so he took me to the duel arena and decided to play a game in two stages so i went along. meanwhile some dude sees him talking to me at the bank and message me saying hes scamming you into dropping you items. i said how, he explains the duel arena lure scam and told me to youtube it, which i did.
    Then he goes on to say i can out smart him and pick my items up and not do the 2nd round.
    Basically the more wealth you drop the more you recieve after you've dropped your items on the floor and proved you've dropped them in a trade.

    heres how the scam works:

    1. You trade him your most expensive items or cash stack.
    2. You drop them on the floor and trade him showing a free 28 slot inventory.
    3. He then trades you the item wind up dolls x28 and give you them for free.
    4. You cannot drop these dolls and there is an option to realese them but only will not let you unless in your house.
    5. The Person who traded/lured you to the duel arena can now pick up your items. in my case BCP, BGS, Fury, 8M Cash and Archers ring, You cannot physically drop these items to free up inventory space for the items you dropped on the floor.
    6. So the person gains 30m (Your items) and you are left with dolls worth 100k.

    Quitting as a result of this, all my hard work over the past years gone down the drain.
  2. Nothing in life is ever free, I'm sorry to hear about this, but in RuneScape (and life in general) It's best not to trust anyone offering 'free' things.
  3. I Know that and i was so naive in thinking somebody was actually going to give me all this wealth. I guess it was my own fault really. I'm posting this to make sure people dont fall for the same thing as me.
  4. Thankyou for informing the community, and again, sorry for what you've lost.
  5. They were a team, sorry to hear about this, but I don't understand how people fall for these scams. Why risk it dude, like why!!!!
  6. People just get greedy, they see a huge stack of cash and risk it all. gone now lol so nothing i can do.
  7. I made 1m on stream yesterday with 3.5m - 4.5m. The rebuild can be fast if you know how!
  8. Sorry to hear this man!
    Scammer's are such scum.

    Have you got money to help re-build ?
  9. Damn man, really sorry to hear that.

    Theres so many new tricks in OSRS..
  10. You are gonna quit from a 30m lost? You can easily rebuild that in a single day with no gold whatsoever lol, that's not a reason to quit.
  11. There are people that climb from 1gp all the way up to 100m+!! (slowly but surely of course) If you truly love runescape, give it a shot and see what you can accomplish :)
  12. That is indeed terrible, thank you for warning us about this scam. However, it should be an unspoken rule to never trust anyone who demands that you drop or give him anything. There are people who legitimately want to give away their wealth, however, those people wont ask you to risk your own items in return.

    On the bright side, you still have your stats If you decide to keep playing. You can always get some cheap ranged gear and kill dragons to build a capital then start flipping again. Or if you have some extra cash(Real cash) lying around, you can buy a bond and sell it to kickstart your operation.
  13. Dude i just got back on to osrs il loan you 5m to get you back on your feet.
  14. Yeah, never trust RS players when they say they are quitting but want something first.
  15. never trust anyone that's giving you free stuff lol
  16. sorry to hear man, so many dodgy players.

    but you can rebuild man. you have probably learned some pretty cool money making ideas, and gotten some good merch knowledge.

    so the year was not a total loss.
  17. I Would be eternally Grateful for this if it wouldnt be too much trouble.. I could buy some gear to boss then and earn some money back! add me in game mate i will be on later today.
    Game name: Rangerzzz

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