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Lets Flip needs some graphics made!

Discussion in 'Graphics' started by Ryan, May 26, 2015.

  1. Do we still need a banner and infograph?
  2. Infographic now, rest seems to be covered pretty well!
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    Alright, is there anything you want in it specific in the infograph? @Ryan
  4. Can you show an example how it looks?
  5. Working on it, Give me 2 more hour =D (got carry away with flipping)
  6. Here what i go so far

    Attached Files:

  7. [​IMG]

    I know i said that i wouldn't try this, here is my attempt any way.
    Rate, Hate Masterdebate.​
  8. Omg where did this came from lol, looks sick!
  9. came from another 30 minutes of blaaah...
  10. LOL, did you just change your sign?
  11. yeps, i did indeed :D
  12. The idea, form and text osum, but wallpaper ugly, need to change it.
  13. a little more than "ugly" would be good why do you think so?
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  14. the text used, and the design and colors on the text look pretty bad imo, i like the background, but not the shape of thelayout
  15. @loui Design is fairly good, I don't see anything wrong with it nor ugly, it's creative and that's all that matters. But "calculations" is spelt wrong.
  16. Wow I didn't even see the spelling error. i was too distracted by the awesome quality of the graphics.
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