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Lets Flip needs some graphics made!

Discussion in 'Graphics' started by Ryan, May 26, 2015.

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    Hi guys,

    I hate to keep asking for free things, but this service is offered for free too haha!

    I am in current need of :

    728x90 placeholder banner for the adverts. If you turn adblock off you can see what it currently is.. and why we need a new one. Whatever works for you.

    Advertisement graphic. Will be posted on forums, showing what we offer and to entice new users to the site to sign up! Current advertisement thread : http://forums.zybez.net/topic/1687872-runescape-2007-ge-price-tracking/

  2. I tried to make a placeholder, But for some reason today everything I make just doesn't look good.
    Oh well....
  3. Im too tired today, will give it a Go Tomorrow.
  4. Didn't put alot of things onto it, just threw it together.

  5. This... looks so gay..
  6. I didnt know what they wanted lol
  7. is this the kind of thing you're after? I'm no professional but i spent a good few hours on this so nobody say anything mean please

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  8. Atleast something less gay ;D
    I will go and make one now d;
  9. Dark Version:

    Colorfull Version: (Not serious with this)
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  10. yeah...............thats 2 much work.
  11. Got the banner, now we need an infographic.
  12. Do you have some sort of example or rough sketch?
    Because I have no clue what to make for that.
  13. I would have to ask the exact same thing, cuz im also lost.
  14. I will give it a go right after i finished the poker tourny im currently in.. gotta have most of my head in the game ;D
  15. And btw, how is the placement of this, would make sense to have a picture of where it would be placed for colors, sizes etc.
  16. I never finished it... what do you want underneath?

  17. fuck it im out.. xD
  18. We still need this!
  19. only 10 minutes work :)
    What about this?

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