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Lets-flip cc?

Discussion in 'Clans' started by matjuh, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,

    I was wondering, because we all essentially have the same goal here, wouldn't it be fun to make a fc/cc for Lets-flip? That way we can discuss flips/merching/prices whatever in the fc/cc, while also having some fun casual chatting!
  2. We already have a CC: "Lets Flip"
    But to be honest you shouldn't expect alot of sharing in there, because it will only lower our profits. Well I don't share my active flips/merches others might. ;)
  3. Oh.. woops! Well I don't really expect that, just some discussion and stuff! ;)
  4. You can use the CC for price checking item, for example when you are the limit for buying an item and you want to know what's the buy/sell price. You can ask other to check for you.
  5. will be joining the cc shortly! dont plan on sharing my items aswell i dont expect others too but nice to have people to chat with
  6. See you in the CC, will be nice to just have some people to talk to about general things, as I don't have any friends on rs ha!
  7. can only sing praises about the lets flip cc. helped me out dozens of times
  8. can say the same, they are a good bunch of fellas that ive met so far
  9. Sounds Great, a cc would be really nice to talk and chat about different items and profits
  10. There already is one, join us at lets flip cc
  11. yeah lets flip cc is where it's at! :D

    seriously there's quite a few regulars in there who have no problems suggesting items and helping with margins.
  12. The Lets Flip cc is working nicely for this purpose =]
  13. Good to know
  14. The CC Lets Flip dead now? Any other good ones to join?
  15. The CC Lets Flip dead now? Any other good ones to join?
  16. The CC Lets Flip dead now? Any other good ones to join?

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