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Lets Flip Applications to clanchat

Discussion in 'Clans' started by Dance4Master, Apr 30, 2017.

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    Hey guys,

    Lets Flip is open for everyone, however this is were you can sign up for a smiley in the Lets Flip clanchat and link to your personal posts. The ranking in the clanchat will be done based on activity on the forum and / or the clanchat. Thus a flipping / merching log or a moneymaking guide will give you the opportunity to climb in the ranks, it will be done on a player by player basis as some people are more active in the cc and less so on the forum. For now stars are reserved for those who keep the oversight in the clanchat and are well known with players from and in Lets Flip.
    At the moment I manage most of the clanchat with the help of Debaucus/Lets Flip, M4O3A, Spikey and PvM Pepsi. The owner of the clanchat is Debaucus/Lets Flip who runs this website.

    Some people who have been part of the community longer already have a rank and will keep it.

    The rules in the cc are rather simple: no (constant) begging, don't be a jerk (star ranked players will usually tell you when you are and nicely ask you to stop).

    Besides Lets Flip the clanchat Goldgrinders will soon open up. This cc will focus more on moneymaking in general then flipping. Requirements are level 110+, a firecape and barrows gloves or 500m+ with similar stats. You will have to apply to goldgrinders before you can get into the clanchat.

    Form setup:

    AVG. Play time:
    CC activity b4 application:

    Optional (will help with ranks):
    Lets flip flipping log:
    Lets flip guides:
    Lets flip events:
  2. RSN: MDChocolate
    CB: 45 (range pure)
    Cash: 2m and counting
    P2P: Yes

    I am currently an active member of the cc Let's Flip, and usually people see me on there and i give margins around whenever I find a good flip. I like the clan chat and would like to be a part of the community. :p
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    Request has been sent to Ryan to get you a rank, you will get your rank this tuesday, sorry for the hold up.
  4. IGN: Lyriuxeilth
    Combat: 78
    Cash: 100m
    P2p: yes
    AVG. Play time: varies, but a lot
    CC activity b4 application: I spend most of my time in the cc giving advice and support where needed.
  5. added :) welcome to the cc
  6. IGN: dankmaymay
    Combat: 59
    AVG. Play time: Average around 4/5 hours a day
    CC activity b4 application: Fairly active in the cc, give advice when needed
  7. IGN: Yankeefan253
    Combat: 99
    AVG. Play time: A few hours a day.
    CC activity b4 application: Fairly active recently. Try to help when I can.
  8. IGN: Hikamii
    Combat: 70 (going for max)
    AVG. Play time: Around 6-7 hours a day
    CC activity b4 application: Always in the clan chat when i'm on (Try to give as much assistance as possible but usually the one asking the questions :) )
  9. hi im icejoe

    IGN: iceson98

    Combat: 94ish

    AVG. Play time: 5-10 hours daily some days less i mean i have to sleep at some point

    CC activity b4 application: I give pointers and help when I know an answer or try to fin one if needed. I was active in the original cc as well.
  10. IGN: IsoP
    Combat: 103
    AVG. Play time: 3-6 hours/day and play as much as i can arround work.
    CC activity b4 application: Helped wherever i can. And am friendly to other in chat :)
  11. IGN: Coka Cabbage
    Combat: 100 (maybe maxing someday)
    AVG. Play time: Around 10+ hours a day when not busy
    CC activity b4 application: Pretty much always in Lets Flip, friendly to other players. I help other players pretty often (be it running an item or food). Was also active in original let's flip and 3 sash rank in GG.
  12. IGN: 11in
    Combat: 59
    AVG. Play time: 2hrs/day
    CC activity b4 application: Just started
  13. IGN:Trym
    AVG. Play time:Around 7-12 hours a day. Depends a little on work/school
    CC activity b4 application: Always in the cc when im online
  14. IGN- Babam13
    Avg playtime- 8 Hours
    CC activity- None
  15. IGN: 07 kingi
    Combat: 122
    Cash: 160m
    P2p: yes
    AVG. Play time: i play all times when i can. about. 1-7 hour for day.
  17. IGN: Incursive
    Combat: 30 ( I have multiple accounts for different purposes)
    P2P: Yes
    AVG. Play time: 2-8 hours a day
    CC activity b4 application: New to the website and community
  18. Ign: Flippgps9243
    Combat: 3
    Gps: 300m
  19. IGN: d netherland
    Combat: 52
    P2P: Yes
    AVG. Play time: 2 hr a day

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