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Last try to Infograph...

Discussion in 'Graphics' started by Chochu, Jun 26, 2015.

  1. If this doesnt work, im done =[

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  2. Looks so good :D
  3. Thanks. My second time doing infograph
  4. Fixed the alignment issue

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  5. Looks good!

    Could try rewording the top section, it doesn't sound right to me.

    Something like this:

    "Each member is assigned 120 unique items every 10 minutes
    Over 11,000 items tracked and updated in real time"

    Try getting a screenshot of items with good margins - not with a list of 1gp margins/1 bought an hour.

    The bottom section grey background looks too close to the border. - Try a version which mimics the transparent background at the top.
  6. Ok. Will change when i get home from work.
    What i did was i looked at his post on zybez to use as data to input for the infograph. So since he used dragonfire, i use dragonfire Lol
  7. I was talking about the scrolling item list :p
  8. Will do, If you could, maybe you can take a screenshot of your scrolling item list.
  9. Great work! x) i like it!
  10. Infograph V1.1

    @Ryan Reword text, change scroll chart pic, add some fancy outline to bottom chart.

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  11. Looks pretty dope! Nice Works there mate! :)

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