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Kthai's Admin Application

Discussion in 'Apply for Staff' started by Kthai, May 27, 2016.

  1. For how long time have you been playing RuneScape?: 2005 until wilderness fiasco. started 8 months ago again and have almost maxed main and made over 700m in those few months from scratch. (Staking set me back though :D)
    How much time do you spend on runescape on a weekly basis?: 40 hours more if there are certain activities going on.
    How much of that time do you also spend on lets-flip.com?: 25-30% of my runescape playing time
    For which role are you applying?: Moderator
    Why do you think you are just the person to fill that specific role?: I've been a forum user for years on RS forums before 2010 and are involved and help support many other RS forums through payments and daily posting.
    Other relevant information: I have a lot of information and somewhat of an audience on RS for flipping and would gladly promote the site if needed. Plus I would like to create a twitch to help viewers connect to this website for their runescape needs. Also very informative about what admins want and need for forums such as this.

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