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King of the hill.

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Elias Hanna, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. Rules are very simple, All you do is post how you will take the hill from the Poster and became king of the hill.
    Let me start:

    I was exploring the jungle one day when I noticed a hill from a distance. It was difficult making my way to the top, seeing as no one else is on top of the hill but me, I declared myself… King of the Hill.
  2. i snuck up the back of the hill and pushed you down and set up a minifort and became king of the hill
  3. I was inside one of the bricks the entire time, I bust out and push you down the hill and take your fort, I'm King of The Hill Now!
  4. But what he doesn't know is that i was underground and tunneled up and threw him down the hill and then i became the one and only King of The Hill
  5. but he didnt realise that he logged into a pk world, and suddenly i came out of nowhere and used my ags to 1hit k0 him and i became King of The Hill
  6. Myron Gaines comes wandering up towards the hill, and puts Franky in a Peruvian headlock, then gives him a cranial slam. Myron then give Franky a twisted vodka elbow drop. Myron start taunting the weak feeble Frankie as a crowd gathers.

    Frankie starts to stand up and pulled out a weapon, an AGS. He swings it at Myron Gaines, but Myron counters with a mighty Closeline from Dubai. The crowd chants "Myron Gaines" as he breaks the Weak Ags over his Herculean thigh.

    Frankie stumbles to his feet and looks to be in horrible shape. The once mighty Frankie is then lifted above Myron Gaines head and slammed into dust with the Dust Buster.

    Myron Gaines then grabs the mic, and tells the crowd:

    I've wrassled with an alligator.....that's right!
    I done wrassled with an alligator
    I done tussled with a whale
    I done handcuffed lightnin', throwed thunder in jail!
    That's bad
    Only last week I murdered a rock,
    Injured a stone,
    Hospitalized a brick.
    I'm so mean I make medicine sick!
    Last night I cut the light off in my bedroom, hit the switch, was in the bed before the room was dark!

    I'mma show YOU how GREAT I AM as KING OF THE HILL!

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