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Keeping it cheap and grinding Herblore! (Level 55-85)

Discussion in 'Guides and Tips' started by Runescales2, May 15, 2015.

  1. To Keep it Cheap, get good EXP, and not get bored Read below!

    1. Make Super Strength Potions (Kwuarm unf. + Limpwurt Root) and sell at (3)
    2. Use a portable well (Roughly 30k ea, and give 10% bonus exp plus a 5% chance of extra pot)
    3. Play something else or watch videos while you grind! I play a Cs:go! round between each inventory :D
    4. Get 85 Herblore and Super antis to wreck QBD, Celests, and many other dragons!
  2. Okay man, is the cs:go! mandatory?
  3. Haha of course not
  4. i do this but with dota2. lol
  5. Portables are amazing! :D
  6. csgo for the win :D
  7. Gold Nova ftw.
  8. Thanks man, really helped
  9. Got sad when you said portable well :(
  10. How much did it actually cost you though?
  11. Lool rs3, i was like wtf is a portable well, and what is does qbd stand for... I though Celests was another name for Callisto. Then i looked it up... facepalm.
  12. nice guide i did this too with moviees
  13. great tip man, thanks for the idea !
  14. I like to listen to music while i grind, or interact with others in the room. There was a long time when I played gnome delivery that I would cut up pieces of fruit while i waited for the 5 min cooldown on deliveries i didnt like. I'm more likely to do power deliveries now but I still have my 138k pineapple chunks
  15. hahah funnny i play csgo 2 might try the same thing will let you know
  16. Very good, very good thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. hahahaha. playing cs go. i usually load up soundcloud and listen to music or watch youtube vids.

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