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Just Broke 10m Flipping!

Discussion in 'Achievements' started by Jackmax87, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. I recently pushed my cash stack above 10m by flipping!
    With this site I hope to multiply this, and with the money I make I can get my first 99 range cape!
  2. Gratz on that green cash stack, that's always a nice feeling. Keep it up!
  3. Youuu can dooo ittt!
  4. Congratulations man! I recently hit 30m, i started with 6m :]
  5. Congratz man! I'm also hoping to get there.
  6. Congratulations! I remember when I obtained my first green cash stack on Old School. :D
  7. Lucky lmao, I'm still around 7m.
  8. nice! now the real money starts
  9. nice are you bulk flipping or just a few big items?
  10. Nice one, money becomes really easy around the 17m mark IMO. Keep it up, what range are you now? I've got 99 range a couple of times now. The best training+money method is aviansies, start from 70, to start with you'll get a level a trip.. And around 250 addy bars, but hit the 90+range, you'll be getting 350-400 which is around a 2m trip. So ontop of flipping, you will be raking in the dollar.
  11. dam man, wish i had that much to try flipping with, but gratz anyway and good luck on future flips :)
  12. congratz i got a question or 2 lol ill pm you
  13. Congrats on Green money, I get butthurt every time I go out of green money back into white
  14. How much money did you start flipping with, OP?
  15. congratz man that is awesome point to get :) i am too soon here
  16. gz im trying to make some money too with this site
  17. congrats dude, huge milestone. keep it up, you are gonna have a huge bank!
  18. Goodluck on the 99range! wish you all the best!
  19. Heck yeah man good work! What you working on next?
  20. Congratz! Now onto 100m? ;) Haha

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