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Item ideas for 1gp start?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by avi, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. Any item ideas that a person can buy for 1gp to start a 1gp to mills ge only acc?
  2. anything useable by new players, iron armor weapons arrows etc
  3. Items that players will need in an instance such as a cluescroll and are willing to pay top dollar for in a pinch. Things such as a bronze chainbody, steel mace, coif, etc. It may be slow to buy it for 1gp but you might be surprised what people will pay for items when they need them!
  4. like bfrank said, clue scroll or quest items tend to do good! i already failed to sell some quest items(put in 1 gp sell price and sold for 1 gp lmao).
  5. clue scroll and quest items are good. Try to find things that are hard to sell because people rage sell for 1gp. Just don't buy anything too bad or you won't be able to sell it
  6. Are you doing this on F2P or P2P? just so we know what to suggest
  7. Goblin Mails are a good starting item.
  8. Iron spears, you can check youtuber "A friend" he did 1-50m
  9. quest items are pretty good
  10. Spears are pretty good. I tried it and I got tons out of it :)
  11. Very good ideas thanks.
  12. maybe even like mind runes or body runes
  13. check this out !

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