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Is 1% a solid margin for flipping in general?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mattyc33, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Am I looking for a 1% margin on bulk items, or should I be aiming for higher.

  2. it could work but on higher items it gets harder i personally would aim higher like 2-3 depending on what it is
  3. I was once taught (although I never checked out the math myself) that the magic number is : 72!

    When you buy and sell something you then see how many times that divides in 72, and however many it does is the number of flips you have to do to DOUBLE your original amount.

    This is used for basic interest rate calculations and includes compounding numbers and interest.

    So 1% flips will take you 72 flips to double your original cash (including the extra amount of money you have to play with after every flip).

    So if you have a rather small cash stack, then no... but with a huge cash stack it can add up.
  4. That is a very interesting method of working out flip amounts!
  5. the higher the better just compare it to the actual profit made

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