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I'd like you to look at this picture

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pregnant, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Nothing shouts GP4DAYS like black(g) remember how bad you wanted to be in that shit the first time you saw it?

    I found this in my pictures folder, I don't remember creating it. But it definitely exists

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  2. I remember obtaining the elite black armor back in the day, and I thought I was so rich. LOL.
  3. Still the sexiest armour in the game
  4. That armor is so nice, that gold touch :')
  5. still my favorite armour in the game will always be
  6. I'm glad they brought back the retro look in the Solomon store for plate armor. In my opinion it's worth buying with RuneCoins even if it is just a customization.
  7. Was also my first "rich" outfit. I was mining for days just to get this armour...
  8. I really wish this was in OSRS!! :( Along with Dagon'hai robes
  9. Still my favorite armour in the game will always be :QQ:
  10. I loved that armour and it has always been the best looking.
  11. Used to have a 10 def lvl pure back then and PKd with this. Swag > bonus
  12. Damn that was my favorite armor in the game

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