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I post random fl1pz/m3rch3z here

Discussion in 'Flipping and Merching Logs' started by Five, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. #1 Five, Aug 14, 2015
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    This is where i am going to post some of my merches/flips.
    Here is my first merch:
    1.png 22.png 3.png 44.png
    I also bought another 132k jug of water on various prices (from 45gp-61gp).
    So i ended up with a total of 932k jug of water.
    Here is me selling them:
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  2. No words ... alanHypeOrzoOMGalanHype
    Congrats on this sick flip! PogChamp
    Honestly, jugs look like such a weird item to flip to me. Sick that you pulled it off though!
  3. Thanks, but i am kinda sad, they are going up and up.
    I was the person holding them down at 100gp. They are up to 118 at this moment.
  4. well thats lucky :eek: i manage to profit about 1m from 6 hours flipping :D
  5. Lmao thats a pretty cool investment, are you going to sell your remaining jugs any time soon? I feel as if they will go back to their original price
  6. nice return :) how long did you hold them for?
  7. Beats taking a loss incase someone was pulling the same moves :)
  8. Not that long, i can't remember how long excatcly, but i'd say i started to buy them around 10 days ago (and it took some time to buy them all, so i probably only held them for a few days after i was done buying them).
  9. Dem jugs mate!
    Nice flips.. i should honestly do stuff like this as im away for several days all the time.
  10. Not amazing, but a fast 320k
  11. A nice little overnight flip
  12. #12 Five, Aug 17, 2015
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    Didn't take too long, only a few hours.
    Edit 08/18/2015:
    Another one
    1.png 2.png
  13. Oh yeah. I just broke the G.E.
    Total profit: 1590k
    Look at that, that was me:
  14. Someone really wanted a Royal gown top huh
  15. dammnn! nicee mann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. That royal gown flip doe.. who in their right mind needed one that badly that paid 1000% increase for it lol & nice jug flips :) I remember seeing you in cc talking about it.

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