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I am back.

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Sky, Aug 28, 2015.

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  1. Hey guys,

    Unfortunately i have gotten myself a knee injury that means that i can't be in the army :(
    So now I am back, this also means that I am reinstated as a part of the staff and administration team.
    What is most sad is that i can't stay in the army as of right now, because i have really fallen in love with the army :/

    Anyways, just wanted to say Hi and tell the somewhat "news".

  2. How did you injure your knee?

    Good to see you back but that's a pretty sad story, hope it's not something that sticks?
  3. I was out running in a weekend and got a ligament injury and overloaded my knee afterwards. :(
  4. Welcome back Kevin, I'm glad you enjoyed your time on your knees while in the army kappa, rest easy my friend!
  5. It anoys me a lot as i wanted to continue after the basic training. Either as a Proffesionel Soldier, or Serge.
  6. You'll be able to do it again right? will look good coming back for more.
  7. Im set for comission on whether i will be allowed to try again or not, just need to wait for my Senior Serge to call me and tell me when the meeting sets place and hopefully i will be allowed in again when my injury(s) are healed.
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  8. welcome back, too bad about your injury but things happen for a reason.
  9. that's wicked mate, getting injuries for a reason.. ryte..
  10. I expect that attitude from Kill not you pssssh, optimism is only how far you see.
  11. How should I be optimistic when my dream job is out of reach because of injuries and you say shit like this happens for a reason...
  12. You know one of the key requirements to become a Serge is being Silver+ in League, right?

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  13. lmao such a troll OrzoChamp

    @Loui ツ - you shouldn't over exaggerated, your career isn't out of reach but merely just on paused. You'll definitely make a full recovery and get back into it, shouldn't let negativity overwhelm you cause it'll only have a bad result on your wound, the body is amazing. If I said anything wrong just understand my slang and the way I talk is just me :p nothing personal I apologize dude.
  14. Go on, fuck yourself, dig a hole, jump in it and get a "friend" to cover it with you inside...
  15. Error.404.exe.Friend.not.found.cant.complete.process.jpg.ayylmao
  16. You did it on purpose didnt you?
  17. of course I did you pleb, I just enjoy the feeling of having a evil midget sitting around my leg stabbing my knee with a dagger every time i take a step.. kappa
  18. I meant, you did it to avoid the military thing , haha
  19. Avoid, dunno if you should call it that when i wanted to stay in there..
  20. the doc didnt give you any painkiller?
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