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How much money/hr are you people actually making?

Discussion in 'Guides and Tips' started by WereWolfWoody, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. Hello erryone!
    I've been just kinda skimming around different threads and guides for
    a day or two now, and I feel like with a little patience I'm still having trouble
    with trying to find a good item to try to flip.
    My Problem is that it seems like waiting an hour or two to buy 10,000
    lobsters and then sell them for like a 10 gold markup a piece, that is only 100,000
    I made after all those sell.
    My questions are geared towards the veterans of this site.
    1.Has your methods of flipping/marching gotten you to the point of making in excess of a few mil (on average)
    per hour?

    2.Is this something you do to supplement your rs income? (For example, like skilling/alching whilst waitin
    on stuff to sell, or even bossing or doing slayer.)

    3.I can make about 3 mil an hour killing zulrah right now. Should I even bother, or should I
    funnel my money made from killing zulrah to fund and exponentially grow my efforts
    of flipping/merchanting items on the ge?

    I hope I don't come off as rude, and I'm trying my best not to be cynical, but am reasonably skeptical.

    I wanna master this way of making money in rs just like everyone else!
  2. Flipping is really the only thing that I enjoy in this game (as of atm, i recently came back to this game) and I have really only done it while training other skills during the trade queues, or been doing other things during the trades. I haven't really expected it to be my only source of income. I don't see why you couldn't do other activities ingame while waiting for items to sell.I started with 30k 5 days ago, so I haven't made as much money as I would have with a larger stack, however, 5 days later I am up to 2.1m, so flipping is definitely worth it.

    I like to buy a little less of different items which usually results in them buying/selling faster, and usually same if not better profit.
  3. What are you even doing to make that much off flipping? I struggle to find items to even flip reliably.
  4. you can't compare it because when you're flipping, you don't actively play.
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  5. Made 18mil in f2p in like 2 weeks by flipping. Started with like 2-3mil so I had an ok start
  6. damn bro, to do that in f2p, you are an all star
  7. Phew tips

    Flip needed supplies before you go offline put sensible low bids in to gain items over night as you sleep wakeup watch the prices for an hour or two then when its time drop them all for a nice proffit flipping isnt always fast !
  8. My advice to you is
    A. Check your margins
    B. Flip pk items/foods/potions/rune items
    C. NEVER buy stuff overnight, only sell overnight
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    Dunno exactly because sometimes i just set flips and log out i average between 15- 40m a day. Sometimes i make nothing because it was a bad day or i just was to lazy to do anything. As for extra cash i sometimes pk but mostly for fun to waste time since bank standing is boring.

    use osbuddy exchange
    with low cash stack flip bulk items
    experiment with different items, dont get too comfortable doing the same things over and over again
    always be willing to adapt
    create a log of some sort to document things that worked for you
    final tip.. i wouldn't try to merch seriously until i made about 5-10m so i have enough cash to max out all the g e slots of various items...merching to me is like fishing, always try to catch different kinds of fish rather then just 1 single type unless you know for certain you will succeed , cast nets to catch different kinds to increase your chances of success
  10. with about 150m i can make 300-1.5m per hour depending on how actively flipping I am. The thing about flipping compared to Zulrah is that it's AFK.
  11. Had a break, but atm at 33mil on f2p

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