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Holiday items

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shalamar, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. So everyone knows that party hats, Santa hats..., etc are being dropped like crazy for Christmas, but does anyone know what's best to do with them? I got full invent of "rares" at a drop party but idk if I should sell for a quick buck or save them.
  2. Save them. Especially since you aren't using any of your own money you won't be crippled in terms of cash. They will rise and you will be able to sell them much higher than you would be able to now.
  3. in a couple of months they'll go up a little but not by too much imo.
  4. this will be a returning trend every year.. this year they spiked late september.
    It's normal that folks attempt to make them "rare" or at least boost them in price.
    because well "they are uber rare in rs3" and everybody is eager to jump on that hype train because they feel party hats should be rare and a status symbol.
  5. Since I am new to this whole OSRS thing, I dont know exactly what to do about "rares" . I would say just hold on to them. They should go back up here in a couple months.
  6. But still you won't have a recurring trend to same extent it did last year. Every time someone makes a profit more people catch on an less of a profit is made. Wouldn't be surprised if all the people buying up this week are fairly disappointed in a few months. Don't think you'll be losing money this year but maybe next considering they are dropping thousands of these every week.
  7. You have to realize that people collect them, new players come into the game, and people in general still treat them as rare items. The fact that they are dropped in multitudes doesn't matter too much at this point since they are typically in demand and if they were to drop they would have already. Yes, they will drop in the future but not for awhile since again they are quite sought after.
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    I think that the unique situation about these items is the fact that people still treat them as rares.. Even tho I picked up 7 hat sets worth of individual hats and like 10 crackers from the Christmas event kick off, And just today a jmod thinks it's cool to do it again so he spawned every square off GE full all the way in to Varrock Castle, which resulted in me picking up another 11 hat sets worth of phats and like 15 crackers again.. These items have no value at all in the thought process of the moderators. They are just fun give away items, and they can spawn in as much of them as they want, when they want. Yet we still treat them as rare.. Nostalgia is a weird thing

    Also, if you pay a bit of attention to the relative value of the expensive macro market compared to 2/3 weeks ago you notice that all those items are having a rising trend, most probably it's related to everybody dumping those "rares" to get that fury or DFS
  9. Solid points, I guess I'll hold onto my phat sets for a good bit.

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