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Hello! It seems things have changed?

Discussion in 'Introductions and Goodbyes' started by sassefrasman, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. Hey there!

    I once had a old OSRS account and started playing in 2005. I've been on and off alot. Nowadays I have a account created 1.5 years back cause my original account got perm banned.

    I've been playing that new account for a few months since I created it and then quitted runescape due to work, and now I'm back again.

    During those months I got heavily into flipping! I even did some nice investments. I made about 300M worth of stuff, which is my current bank (188M in cash)
    Thankfully due to a existing runescape in game merch/flip clan chat did I obtain the price margins of low volume items about a year ago. In fact, multiple of these chats existed.

    At the time (1 year ago) active flip/merch chats were in decline. But they did exist. I used them, and the pcing was often excellent.
    Nowadays after having returned for a day or two it seems that these merch/flip cc's are dead or simply non existent.
    Either they have managed more obscure ways to hide their cc's because they decided to many members is to great a competition. They definitelyo do not share the aforementioned clan chat channels on the runescape forums like they used to.

    Where is the todays 'source' of price cheking on low volume items? Considering I'm not totally a poor player I'm willing to pc myself for such a community. I liked the easiness of price access through these friend chats. I know I can pc them myselves and find the margins myself. But doing that right usually involves some prolonged history with experience on the item in question. It usually requires me to trade an item atleast multiple times so I can gauge the trend, which will likely lose me money at first.

    Can anybody tell me why these friend/clan chats have declined? They were handy for everyone. And only occasionaly someone got the penalty for clan scamming. Is that the reason they're gone? Did the popularity plummet?

    If these cc's are out of commission then this community seems like a nice place to learn, and even help when I can.
    So despite my rambling and questions above I'd be happy to expand myself on here.
  2. thanks for input.

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