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[Grand Exchange] My Followed Items

Discussion in 'OSRS Money Making Table Help' started by Ryan, Feb 5, 2016.

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    My Followed Items Guide


    The My Followed Items table is used to select certain items you wish to visit back later, or want easy access to the active prices of the item. Think of it like the speed-dial on your mobile phone, its a fast and easy way to see something you might use everyday anyway.


    1.4 - How to unfollow an item


    2.1 - Support Rank Benefits


    3.1 - Extra Questions / Answers

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  2. 1.1 - My Followed Items Table

    The followed items list came about because users wished to make a list of items they would always want to see, or that they would always flip on a daily basis. As a result we came up with a concept where users of the site can follow items that they choose and keep up to date with all the price changes.

    Below are some images of what the follow table may look like depending on what sort of settings you currently have:

    Lets Flip free user with no (0) items followed.


    Lets Flip free user with the maximum (3) items followed.


    Lets Flip Support Rank user with the maximum (15) items followed.


    1.2 - Why would I follow an item?
    As explained a little above, the followed item table is used by most users to act as a quick navigation to items that they do on a daily basis. Other uses include item tracking pricing. This is where a item is followed because the user is merching the item and wants to be notified of the price as it changes, without having to search for the item all the time for the price.

    1.3 - How to follow an item
    To follow an item on Lets Flip is very simple, simply visit the page of the item you wish to follow and click the follow button. It will be placed in your own personal follow list in the database and you will be able to see it appear when you reload the page. Below is a picture guide on how to follow an item (for this example I will be using 'Cooking Apple'):

    First, search for the item you wish to follow:


    On the item's details page, you should see a button on the left sidebar for 'Follow x' in which 'x' is the item.
    (If you can't see it, its highlighted in the red box).


    By clicking this button, the item will be added to your follow item table (if you have space for the item).


    Congratulations! You have followed an item on Lets Flip! Now you can track the price with ease!

    1.4 - How to unfollow an item

    As shown in the gif above, once you have followed an item you have the ability to instantly remove it simply by reclicking it (this is too account for misclicks etc). We also recently added the option to remove the items from the OSRS GE Flip/Merch page with a button directly next to the item.

    A notification by using the word 'Removed' is displayed when you successfully unfollow an item.
    (If you can't see it, its highlighted in the red box).

  3. 2.1 - Support Rank Benefits

    The My Followed Items table comes with a few benefits to users who have Support Rank:

    + Increased Item Limit +

    Support Rank users will be granted a total of 15 item slots that they can follow, up from 3 for free users. (We plan to increase this to 20 in an upcomming update).

    + Scroll Ability +

    Due to now having 15 items in a 5 row high table, it would only make sense to add the ability to scroll on this table! This allows you to find the item you are looking for with ease and without any hassle.

    + Purchase Support Rank +

    Have these benefits pushed you over the edge? Would you like to see a full list of what Lets Flip has to offer for Support Rank?

    Click here to see a full list of benefits for being a Support Rank user.

    Already decided? Click here to purchase Support Rank.
  4. 3.1 - Extra Questions / Answers
  5. very helpful guide thank you so much!

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