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good items to flip?

Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by ryanmad, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. what have you guys had the most success flipping?
  2. They change often so keep trying new ones
  3. I tend to go with runes, theyve made me the most.
  4. raw material is a good constant flip
  5. anything you can think of that is in demand
  6. low items, that sell fast eg raw stuff recoils and stuff
  7. any foods like lobsters and sharks are good
  8. armadyl such as the dhide and pages ive found to be good
  9. I prefer items that I can buy in large quantities, such as raw food, ores, logs, etc.
  10. Large quantities yea. Maybe zulrah scales.
  11. I would fully recommend buy lobster, it's worked for me in the past :)
  12. PK materials etc. dragon scim/dagger
  13. I do a lot of stuff like everyone else. Large quantity items. I found cannonballs to do good sometimes. I also like to go to world 2 and look at what people are selling/buy and try to see if i can make any profits off that.
  14. I tend to do runes, but most raw mats and items people tend to buy in bulk while in a hurry are good choices.
    You just gotta try them out
  15. iviazzter, what do you mean exactly by bulk?
  16. looks like runes are the best to do?
  17. Runes are good but its either really slow or instant sell :/
  18. easiest flips: Lobsters (10gp profit each fish)
    Best flips: Zammy pages, Initiate helms etc ;)
  19. Some of the new Zeah items might be a good idea perhaps? I'm not too sure
  20. iron ore, coal, raw lobster, tuna things that I try to flip and are quite successfull for me atm

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