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Discussion in 'Clans' started by Dance4Master, Apr 30, 2017.

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    Hey guys,

    Here you can already apply for the Goldgrinders clanchat and post links to your drops topic. The main focus of the clanchat is of course grinding gold. The main leaders in the cc are me, M403A, Nhes and Spikey. With Debaucus/Lets Flip and PvM Pepsi as envoys from Lets Flip :p The requirements of the clanchat are as follows:

    • At least 2 weeks active in Lets Flip clanchat (must have applied) + Level 110+ combat, firecape and barrows gloves.
    • At least 2 weeks active, 500m+ cash + similar stats as above, player to player basis.
    • Level 120+ combat, firecape and barrows gloves.
    The ranking in the clanchat will be based on drops with an alternative donation. Recruit will require at least 75m in drops split. Corporal 200m in splits and Sergeant 750m in splits.

    Splits will only count for the person who got the item, also there must be a print screen made of the split. Besides that to many splits with the same person might result in the split not counting. The main reason for this is that the ranks are about showing trust towards the whole cc and not just close friends.

    This also brings us to the donation option. When you really want a higher rank but don't have the time to boss that much (but do have enough cash and want to show your trustworthy) you can donate. These donations will go to drop parties and other ways to promote the Lets Flip website. Donations will have three times the value of a split, thus 5m will give u 15m worth of splits. Or you can simply buy a rank (recruit 20m, corporal 60m, sergeant 200m).

    To be honest i hope no one is dumb enough to buy a rank, however as it will show him trustworthy, which with possible twisted bow etc. splits is kinda neccesary.

    Rules in the cc are simple (some others might come in the future): no begging (immediate kick, keep it in pm), be respectful to your fellow people. It's a game but the people behind the screen aren't robots and if you hurt their feelings imma be the one they come to complain against... so just u know, gimme a break, be nice.

    Form setup:
    Barrows gloves/fc: Yes or no?
    Inferno cape:

    Lets Flip flipping log:
    Lets Flip guides:
    Lets Flip events:
    Cash stack:
    Secondary clanchat:
    Third clanchat:
  2. IGN: Trym
    Combat: 123
    Barrows gloves/fc: Yes
    Inferno cape: Not ye

    Did I do this right? If not, I can delete the reply

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