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gnome restaurant

Discussion in 'Money Making Techniques' started by Pogromite, Dec 8, 2015.

  1. it's needless to say that during the winter holidays, the gnome scarf is very pricey.

    I have some special techniques to power through gnome restaurant very quickly as well as gnome food available for sale for those interested in doing power delivery.

    14M per scarf right now and players are getting up to 5 scarves a day when they really focus. If anyone is interested I can elaborate.
  2. Defintiely interested. I ran gnome restaurant a bit a while back but didn't have much success with it really. Tips would be great.
  3. ok well my rsn is pogromite so feel free to pm me if you see me online and we'll do some gnome together and make you a fuckton of money
  4. very interesting may be an intense move! gonna tyr
  5. Would definitely like you to elaborate on this
  6. Yeah, can you make a post here?
  7. Done it before and it works great :)
    I'd really recommend this to people even though I didn't really get that stuck to it :c
  8. Hmm, maybe I should get to do this, 100M in a day sounds rather crazy though

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